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My name is kegan and I Just turned 21 in March this is my first hand gun and I went with the springfield XD in 9mm sub compact! Shot about 100 rounds today and I am very pleased and I figured I would join up on the forum to see what people have did to improve on the firearm! To be honest I don't see much TO improve! I was stuck between the beretta px4 storm and the springfield and as you know I chose the springfield lol I was born and raised in Asheville nc where I was surrounded by hippies 98% of the time lol guns are frowned down apon there for some reason but anyways I live in Holden beach nc and I have a small gun collection I am pleased with! I have 3-22lr rifles a old single fire another semi auto that my dad bought me when I was about 7 and a GSG 522 he also bought me about 2 years ago also have a hi-point 9mm *shhhh I know* but I love it and my newest gun is the spring field XD that I am truly in love with I hope this is a good forum for knowledge and help because I need a little of both from time to time
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Hey Kegan, welcome to the site. Glad to have you here...
Welcome to the XDForum.
Nice choice you made and I lived in Asheville ( actually Fairview) for six years and well before you were born.
We go up to Asheville about 4-5 times every year and love it up there and it's only a 3 hr drive from our home in S.C.
What holster do you have for the Springer 9 mm.?
Welcome to the XD Forum Kegan !!

Sounds like you found the right firearm for you...congrats !
I don't have a holster yet but since winter is getting close I'm thinking about getting one like this Outerwear Shoulder Azure Jersey Human body
and wear my jacket over it! I should have my CCW by the end of this month!!! Also if you peeps have any ideas for a good In the waist band holster I'm also looking for one of those for summer time


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Welcome from WI, I bought my son one of those units.
Welcome for FEMA Region X
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