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Looking forward to all the discussions on the topic of Springfield Armory XD's. My ame is Stu. I'm 59 and have only been shooting for a year. I have retired and live outside the City of Chicago. After robberies in the broad daylight on Michigan Avenue, the knockout game and some home invasions and even a murder in the area, I found it necessary to seriously look for protection. I have CCL 's from Florida, Utah and my brand new ILLINOIS. My state is the most corrupt and nackwards thinking state in the union! Looking for some really active chats here. Thanks for having me!
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Welcome to the forum, glad to have you join us.
You definitely live in a very dangerous locale.
Welcome Stu. Glad you're here. Great crowd. Good clean site. I'm sure you'll be right at home...
Welcome for FEMA Region X
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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