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New to XDm my first

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Guy's this is my first Springfield XD pistol.
I am new to the forum and want to say hello to everyone first off. I have been watching some videos on the M&P 9L Pro-Series because I have always wanted one and had one ordered and shipped into my LGS where it is currently on Layaway. Very excited about it, can't wait to get it paid off. Love M&P's. But like I said I was watching videos on the M&P (Hickok45 to be exact) and he was shooting the M&P and a 5" XDm. He was comparing them with the Clock 34. He was hitting everything he shot at with both the M&P and the XDm. I was very impressed with the XDm and when I went today to put some more money down on my M&P I noticed they had a few XDm's in the counter. I noticed one that I thought was a 5" which is what I really wanted (I did notice that it did not have the cut out on top of the slide. Just thought it was a different style). Anyway I traded another gun off that I never used and bought the XDm and brought it home.
Come to find out it was a 4.5" but I am very satisfied with it anyway. Fit's my small hand very well. It was made in or around 2009 because the original purchase recipe was hid in the case. There is not a scratch on it and after cleaning the what appeared to be wheel bearing grease off the inside of the gun and using my Synthetic gun grease, I notice there is not a scratch on this pistol and the barrel has very, very little where of the finish on it. I am very excited about this gun also and can not wait to get it out to my range when ever the rain ends (Sometime this century)
Anyway just wanted to say that I am excited about my first Springfield polymer Pistol. I will try and get pictures up this weekend sometime.

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Welcome to the XDForum.

Nice write up and good pics.
Welcome to the forum.
Thank you both moderators for the welcome. Much appreciated. Hopefully I can help the forum grow a little.
Welcome j, glad to have you with us!
Thank you TAZO
Thank you TAZO
I like your avatar,I have that logo tattooed on my left shoulder but in black.
Thanks, I have so many Ruger revolvers. None of their auto's but a tone of their revolvers. Love Ruger.
I love them too,they're my favorite brand. I've had revolvers and autos both.
Congrats on the XDM. Those XDM's are sweet shooting firearms! I had one that I gifted to my son in law. I loved that gun. Now I make do with an XD Mod 2 subcompact that is a sweet shooter also.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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