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New XDS 9 Mod 2 trigger

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I just bought an XDs Mod 2 instead of Hellcat for CCW. Took it out and put 50 rounds through it today and definitely noticed a big difference in the trigger compared to my XDM .45 and my XD 9. Anyone know if that's common? Will it get better the more rounds I put through it? Or should I look at buying an aftermarket trigger? Love the size, weight and feel of the gun. Just hope I can work that trigger to be more like my other XD guns!
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I have a mod.2 subcompact 45 for carry. I have shot XDms that felt better. My trigger is a little sloppy but my complaint has been the numb reset. Gun shoots great and in real drills my focus is on enough other factors that the trigger becomes incidental. Either way, no one but Springfield advertising department would ever accuse them of having a great trigger.

Having said that, I am upset that the mod.2 is discontinued. I HATE the grenade checkered of the XDM. The blocks are too big and offer no real surface traction improvement (they rely on the bite of the edges. It's slippery and ineffective in comparison to the mod.2 in my opinion and I liked everything about the newer grip better except for the stupid "Grip Zone" moniker. Who in their advertising agency didn't think that would become a standard mockery of XD!? . I am surprised more companies don't study eachother carefully. Springfield could learn a lot from the trigger and texturing of a Walther PDP.

My next gun will be the XDM elite compact 10MM. I'm gonna try and live with that stupid checkered on the handle just to get a carry sized 10. Time will tell.
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