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Night sight recommendations?

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I've had my XD9 Service for a few months now and I love it so much I became a member of my local range just to shoot more often. I'm thinking about upgrading to night sights and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on some night sights that won't necessarily break the bank. Thanks in advance for your help!
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I'm sure some others will chime in to help but I have a suggestion.
Look at this post about lasers and see what you think and as far as night sights rather than getting a cheap model save up and get something that will not let you down like trijicon.
Note the second to last paragraph.



If that breaks the bank for you something like this is acceptable for a reasonably priced night sight.


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Thanks for the info threetango! I had been looking at the Trijicon's and it sounds like the cost is worth it. Time to start saving up.
Hey RVAgirl, I'm a big fan of the Truglo TFO's. They offer better site visibility at the range, as well as night site capability. They have 2 options:



You can find them cheaper, usually aroud $80, on Ebay, Optics Planet, etc.
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