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    Another "Clinton" style Assault Weapon Ban...

    Let's the ten years ( 1994-2004 ) the last one was in place...

    the only thing that was stopped was the producing of firearms with

    certain cosmetic bayonet lugs...and the limiting of magazine

    capacity to what...ten rounds. What exactly did that accomplish !?

    I'll tell ya...NOTHING !!! I bought my AR-15 during those years, and

    about ten other firearms...all of which did not limit my capacity to protect

    myself or prevent me from doing drive-bys down main street...!!

    And if people smell a AWB coming...they just stockpile ammo and purchase

    the firearms that will be on the ban list before it is enacted. Not to mention

    the 100 millions guns already in everyone hands in America. Does that stop

    crime...murders...or the Joker from killing the innocent in a movie theatre....?!

    Not even remotely...what a farce !!

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    Agree, now the link has 2 pages and be sure and read the last paragraph on page 2.:mad: