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by William Lafferty, Freedom Outpost

Here’s what Obama’s advisors are telling him about the wayto confiscate guns: Tax them.

They are advising him to tax guns, ammunition, magazines,and licenses and then attach draconian remedies for failure to register and paythe taxes. Set the taxes low the first year, then increase them gradually tothe point where a person owning an AR 15, three magazines and a box of ammowould owe $5,000 a year in taxes.

If a gun owner doesn’t pay, the small print at the end ofthe tax law would subject him to jail and confiscation of everything he owns.

Why use this approach? Because people ignore gradual changeand taxes can be imposed as a gradual change. It’s only when two things happensimultaneously that revolution occurs. First, the ideals underlying the societymust be undermined. That has already happened. And second, there must be aspark that ignites revolt. Since traditions and ideals of the country havealready been compromised, it would be unwise to create any sparks.

Taxes ignite no sparks. Getting a tax bill is a non-event.The hapless taxpayer grinds his teeth and gets out his checkbook. He’s in a badmood for a month. There is nothing to rally around. No one has been killed orinvaded, at least at the point where the tax has been imposed.

Under this taxing approach you increase taxes to the pointno one can pay them, then send a tax bill to the gun owners you know about (inPennsylvania, that’s pretty much everyone who owns a gun), and you wait forsomeone not to pay. When a preferred target doesn’t pay, you send the stormtroopers to his house, find his guns, and arrest him. You take the offender’sguns and his house and put him in jail for twenty years. Then you publicize thearrest and declare a period of amnesty for other weekend rebels and watch theguns flow in.

At that point, the country will have been effectivelydisarmed.

After the taxes are imposed and offending gun owners arepicked off one at a time, wives will implore their husbands not to risk thefamily home, all their savings and the husband’s own freedom. And they willpoint to the examples of imprisoned and bankrupted gun owners that have alreadybeen held up to public view.

Norman Thomas described America’s descent into socialismvery much in the way I have described America’s descent into gun confiscation:

“The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism,but under the name of liberalism they will adopt every fragment of thesocialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation withoutevery knowing how it happened.”*

That’s the smart way to do it, Barack. Get us a littlefarther down the road to socialism, then quietly tax guns, and finally, takethem all.
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