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Dear Fellow Americans:

Our greatest hope for learning about what really happenedduring the terrorist attack in Benghazi is obtaining first-hand accounts fromthe survivors of that horrible night.

Unfortunately, Barack Obama and his Administration are doingeverything in their power through bureaucratic red tape, restrictive federallaw, and the cloak of an “ongoing investigation” to gag these Americans, thuspreventing the truth from coming to light.

And, at the same time, as President Obama pretends tosupport wider protection for whistleblowers, he has in fact prosecuted morefederal employees for leaking information to the public under the Espionage Actthan all previous administrations COMBINED.

Obama and his cronies continue to gag and hide the Benghazisurvivors.

Demand the survivors' FBI interviews be released to Congressand a Special Prosecutor be appointed immediately.

In the words of a prominent defense attorney, the ObamaAdministration is using the Espionage Act “like a club” against any governmentemployee suspected of revealing Executive misdeeds.

For Obama and his cronies, “espionage” doesn’t mean sellingsecrets or spying against the U.S. – it means going against their politicalstories for the good of the American people instead of the good of the Democratmachine.

The FBI has interviewed the survivors, but they refuse torelease that information to Congress, let alone the American people! Anddespite the efforts of Senators Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte, who have beenon the front lines of the Benghazi scandal, the Obama Administration ispoint-blank refusing to allow the representatives of “we the people” any accessto those firsthand accounts.

At this juncture, President Obama is hiding the injuredsurvivors in a heavily guarded wing of Walter Reed National Military MedicalCenter. And those not currently needing medical treatment are supposedlylegally barred by non-disclosure agreements from even admitting they werepresent during the attacks – something that should have been fixed by theWhistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2012.

Unfortunately, just as we’ve seen time and time again withthe Obama Administration, they don’t care to abide by laws that don’t servetheir false narratives and their politics.

This is just one more piece of the growing picture ofdistortion and distraction being built around Benghazigate. These survivorscould readily corroborate or disprove the Obama Administration’s official story– and yet they’re being kept under wraps.

Obama and his cronies continue to gag and hide the Benghazisurvivors.

Why would they be so closely guarded unless their storydirectly contradicted what Obama wants us to believe happened on 9/11/12?

And why is the mainstream media ignoring Obama’s double-talkabout protecting whistleblowers while he makes sure they stay gagged when thosemedia have the potential to expose his lies?

We need to loudly decry this shameful suppression of thetruth. It’s long past time for the Obama Administration to be held accountablefor their misuse of the Espionage Act, as well as for their blatant obfuscationof the facts surrounding the terrorist attack on our facility in Libya.

Help us spread the word and build the support from patriotswho want the Obama Administration to stop the lies, stop the abuses of power,and stop suppressing those who would let the truth come out.

Help us send a message to Congress that they must affirm theprotections of the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2012 and extendit to the survivors - the witnesses - of Benghazi.

We can’t let men and women like Senators Graham and Ayottestand alone in front of the liberal media and the Administration’s politicalmachine without a powerful network at their back. We need to contact ourRepresentatives and Senators and demand that they join his efforts to uncoverthe facts and protect the witnesses.

End the Obama Benghazigate coverup!

Obama and his cronies continue to gag and hide the Benghazisurvivors

And we need to continually encourage our social medianetworks and news sites to share the truth of what President Obama and hisallies are doing to dodge responsibility and suppress any dissentingvoices. For example, point your friendsto the SOS website in your timeline comments on Facebook!

This Administration will never hold itself accountable. Andthe left-wing mainstream media might as well be considered another arm of theadministration's political propaganda machine. It’s up to us to be the watchmenand to demand that they release the testimonies of these survivors – and togive our Representatives full access to testimony that is classified orsensitive.

Will you stand with us for the truth, for the integrity ofour nation, and for those who lost their lives due to the negligence of BarackObama in Benghazi? We owe it to allAmericans serving their country overseas.


Dick Brauer, Colonel, USAF (Ret.)

Co-founder, Special Operations Speaks

P.S. Every thing we have seen from this administration sincethe September 11, 2012 Benghazi attack, points to a colossal leadership failurein the Obama Administration and their attempts to cover up the truth about whathappened. It is up to us to hold them accountable and to demand realleadership.
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