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Many people have questioned the use of the military during a national emergency and if the military would engage the masses with deadly force. I am quite sure that there are some that would. I believe they have and would based on their actions after Katrina and the deadly force used against the unarmed Kent State students. The active military personnel have little or no choice, carry out the orders of their officer in charge or face charges of failure to carry out a lawful order. Would I carry out an order that could escalate to the use of deadly force against unarmed civilians? No. Do I believe that there are others that would? Yes. We see it every day done by those that have sworn to serve and protect. We are being led by an individual that would not hesitate to do what ever it takes to complete his transformation of America to just another socialist third world country led by a dictator .
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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