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Ohio Meet and Greet - Buckeye Blast '15

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I am putting this get together again this year for those interested.

The last three years have been great.

Been able to meet some really great people.

The event will be on July 11 and there is limited space for camping if you want to come out the night before.

The cost will be the same as last year, $30 per person. This will include lunch. I will have water and ice. You can bring your non alcoholic beverages.

Will will begin at 10 am and go till at least 5 PM.

Feel free to PM or email me at [email protected] if you have any questions.
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Some sponsors already on board.

Thanks to following for their support once again this year!

Brian Enos - http://brianenos.com/

Tennessee Holster - http://www.tennesseeholstercompany.com/

Barber Leather Works - http://www.barberleatherworks.com/

Freedom Munitions http://www.freedommunitions.com/#&panel1-1 -
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Thanks to the Well Armed Woman for their support!

Thanks to Bravo Concealment for their support!

Bravo Concealment Bravo Concealment
Thanks to N82 Tactical for their support again!

Thanks to Metal Gear Armory for their support!

Thanks to Ross Leathers for their support once again!

Thanks to Primary Arms for their support once again!

Thanks to R Grizzle Leather for their support!

Thanks to Gun Goddess for her support again!

Thanks to White Hat Holster for their support once again!

Thanks to Target Sports USA for their support!

1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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