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    I don’t usually write comments like this but itis well deserved in my opinion. I had bought a Springfield TRP in November onmy last R&R. The front sight roll pin was loose and the front sight movedaround in the dovetail. I called Springfield’s CS on 28 March and explainedthat I just got back into the country and the problem with the front sight.Before I got off the phone I had an email with all the instructions and ashipping label. I mailed it out that night and thought it would be a monthbefore I saw it again. It arrived at the house 8 days later….FIXED! Springfield’scustomer service is outstanding and second to none in my book. I return toAfghanistan in a couple days able to put a few rounds though her before Ileave. Thanks again to Springfield for all the help and assistance in thiscase.
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    Distinguished_Rick, thank you for your service to our country.

    Springfield does indeed have great CS. My XD9 came back in 8 days also and was shipped on their dime.

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    Distinguished Rick, Thanks for serving! Stay safe over there and come back to us!
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    Always like to hear about good customer service.
    Stay low and come back safe and in the meantime check in with us when you can and let us know whats happening with you.
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    i have used them i think 3 times and each one has been easy and quick , they do a great job
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    Good to hear they stand behind what they make....!!