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Pay Pal has discontinued participation with this company.What is going on, is this going to be the norm with Pay Pal? Everybody shouldcontact Pay Pal and inquire about this and if they are doing the same thing to othersas they did to this company then a massive boy cut of Pay Pal should be exercisedby every person who doesn’t want their 2A rights infringed with.

Note from The Guardian, Shooters Legion.

We would like to announce to everyone that purchased LPK'sand Mags from our store. PayPal has rejected EVERY SINGLE ORDER we put throughfor these products. We are working all day today to ensure everyone gets aprompt full refund. We cannot apologize enough for this inconvenience. We aresearching for a new way to allow our members to place secure orders on our siteor by sending a payment in to our office and will need to close our store downtemporarily until that has been done.

We DO in fact still have a ton of AR15 LPK's and Tapco 30rd.magazines since we are unable to ship the orders due to PayPal. In the next dayor so we will be posting a page with the merchandise we have on hand and how topurchase it if you still want what you ordered. We cannot apologize enough toeveryone that placed an order. This was action by PayPal was unforeseen. If youhave any questions please contact me directly. I will be happy to answer anyquestions you may have.

The Guardian


I am not and never have been a customer of PayPal. If a company does not take Visa then I shop elsewhere.
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