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    I've been thinking about this for a LONG time. My home state (MI) does not prohibit open carry, yet there are frequent conflicts when someone does so in particular areas of the state (namely Grand Rapids). There is a correlation here. High density and high income per capita is proportional to high amounts of hoplophobics.

    To me, a person open carrying is sending a signal, but not one of conflict, but rather one of self reliance. I have no problem with open carry here in MI, or AZ, or Switzlerland, all places I have seen it first hand. If NY'ers were allowed to open carry, and a significant portion of the population did so, it would just become part of that NY attitude that they are famous for (I was born & spent 1st 22 years of my life 70 mile N of NYC).

    However, I refrain from open carry, and conceal carry. Why? I have no interest in sending any signals or drawing any attention. My purpose of carrying is self (& significant other) defense in case of the most horrific unplanned circumstance - the same reason why I wear a seatbelt. Which is contrary to the Authors view. He believes that you can plan, or calculate in advance, when things will go bad. I don't subscribe to that kind of fortune telling.

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    While where I live has no prohibition against open carry I prefer not to. The exception is in the woods. This is a rural area and open carry is not unusual. However, each to his own. From a personal standpoint I see no reason to forewarn and give away the small advantage of the element of surprise.
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    The only time I CC is in Costco or medical facilities. I have never had a problem and many times I have been complemented or had discussions on guns.
    Still only one percent at the most seen to see my openly carried gun.
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    i prefer to be ninja - just saying - then again my head is always on a swivel -