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Dear friends,

Regardless of what you think about bump stocks, HR 39999 is far too open-ended, and we need to fight it!

The bill would outlaw ANYTHING that increases rate of fire! It is left open for interpretation as to what things are included; thus, things as simple as lighter trigger springs could be outlawed.

Even worse, since rate of fire is not defined, the bill could open the door to new legislative requirements that would SLOW DOWN rate of fire to whatever rate of fire the libtards specify.

Please consider signing this petition.

The simple steps are these:

1. Go to: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition

2. Click "Sign a petition"

3. Scroll down to the petition called "Do not pass HR 3999"

4. Sign it

5. Go to your email inbox and validate your signature by clicking on the link in an email from "We the People"

An even more effective, but more time-consuming activity is to write or call your legislators to tell them that you oppose this legislation and that you will will not vote for anyone who supports HR 3999. One easy way to contact your legislators is to use this link:

Write YOUR Legislator:

If we fail to take action against HR 3999,
then our Second Amendment rights
will begin the descent down the slippery slope.

Please sign the petition and reply to this post stating that you did.

Please share this petition with all your 2nd Amendment supporting friends.
You might even want to copy this post, email it to your friends, and post this post on your other social media, FaceBook, Instagram, etc.

God bless!


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DONE RevV...!!

Do not pass H.R.3999

Created by S.S. on October 12, 2017...

We must not allow the 2nd amendment to be infringed based on a bill that has been proposed to do exactly that. This bill would not specifically include the infamous "bump stock" used in the Las Vegas shooting.

1. The language in question can be misconstrued to include many parts of a semi-auto firearm, such as binary triggers, match grade triggers, tuned triggers, heavy recoil springs or buffers.
2. Criminals do not follow laws.
3. The shooter is the only true determination of the rate of fire in a semi-auto. Even with a bump stock, you are not guaranteed a faster rate of fire, as it is shooter dependent, and still one shot per pull of the trigger.
4. This is an ambiguous infringement on the 2nd amendment.

From: https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/3999


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