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I strap on my boots
I tighten my vest
I buckle on a 30 pound belt
I put on my badge
I say bye to my loved ones
I walk out the door with hopes I’ll come back
I pray to God for protection
I leave my own issues and stresses at the door
I check into my squad car
I patrol your neighborhood
I place your security on my shoulders
I go in when there’s an intruder
I stop fights
I stop threats
I stop burglaries and thefts
I stop drug abuse
I stop child abuse
I stop rapes, murders, and other issues
I’m your first line of defense
I’ll give my life to protect yours
My safety is constantly in jeopardy
I see only your worst of times
I put on your stress
But You yell at me
You hate me
You don’t agree with me
You call me a pig, a bully, crooked, trigger happy, no good, and useless
You fight me
You spit on me
You try to kill me
You teach your kids I’m a monster that’ll take them away
You judge my every move
You question my decisions
You complain about me
And yet I don’t get offended
With my loved ones suffering my absence
With my pay barely enough to get by
I’m still here for you
I’ll be an ear for you
I’ll still fight for you
I’ll still stand for you
With muscle knots on my back
With sweaty palms
With tears held back
With cuts and bruises
With my life on the line
I’ll still protect you
I maintain the Peace
I protect the Weak
I serve the Needs

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Thanks CallMaker.
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