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I had a Powder River Precision “Drop-In Trigger Kit” with “Oversized Sear Upgrade” installed in my XD Mod 2 Tactical (5 inch bbl.) 9 mm. The trigger kit was $125; the sear was $30, and the gunsmith charged me a very reasonable $50 for the installation. With the sear upgrade, PRP recommends having a professional gunsmith do the installation, so I dispensed with the idea of installing it myself.

Bottom line: It was $205 extremely well spent! XD triggers are pretty nice out of the box, but after shooting a friend’s M&P with an Apex trigger, I wanted to see what a trigger upgrade could do for an XD. Research convinced me that Powder River Precision makes the best trigger upgrades for the XD line.

It’s hard to describe a trigger in words, but here’s the best I can do. With the PRP upgrades, my XD trigger now feels much like a good 1911 trigger. I’m serious. The trigger has virtually no pre-travel/slack/up-take; it seems like about 2 mm of up-take. Then, there is a very slight “wall,” but nothing like it used to be. The trigger is very light, and the break is crisp. There is almost no over-travel, 2 mm at most. The trigger reset is audible and can be felt, but the reset point is just a couple mm from the trigger’s new point of origin. Because the distance to reset is so short and the pre-travel/take-up is so very minimal, it will take some practice to learn to shoot this gun from reset; however, because there is so very little pre-travel, there seems to be little reason to shoot from reset, rather than from the trigger’s point of origin. I am amazed at the amount of change from the already good SA factory trigger, and I am extremely pleased with my PRP upgrade!
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