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Practice rounds and self defense rounds

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So I just bought my first firearm, now I'm looking at all the ammo, the different brands, grain, types, ect. I understand hollow point for killing and max damage and solid point for practice. What I am trying to learn/figure out is how do I pick my two types of ammo so that I am practicing with as close to what I plan to carry. What are the features I need to look at? Just grain, or keep with the same brand also.
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OK...first things first....what caliber are we talking about !?
From firesqurter's post previously: I will be getting a XD9 sub-compact 3" next week with my Christmas bonus.

I can only tell you what I do and that is to practice with what you will be carrying. May be a bit more expensive than practice ammo but you will know what your rds will do with your gun.
Buy a box of 50 good ones, shoot 25 to familiarize with your particular pistol and load your carry weapon and some mags with the rest.
JMO and others may do differently.
( OK...good to know...Thanks 3T !! )

9mm comes in three basic weights...115 grain, 124 grain, 147 grain...(while other "specialty" ammo can be oddball weights ).

Every firearm will like a certain brand name...certain weight...certain type ( HP / FMJ )...with the ideal hitting the target at the correct POA/POI ( Point Of Aim / Point Of Impact )

Your job is to try the different brands, weights, and types and come up with the right combo out of your firearm...

Then...as my esteemed colleague above has pointed out...PRACTICE with what works.

HP is good for self defense...FMJ for practice...but make sure those expensive HP's function perfectly in your chosen platform...your LIFE could well depend on it !!
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Awesome, thank you 3T and Shooter.
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