Prez Praises Aussie Gun Grab

Discussion in 'Politics and Religion' started by threetango, Jun 11, 2014.

  1. SHOOTER13

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    An armed member of society is a citizen...a disarmed member is a subject !!

    Two more years of this clown and counting...!!
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  2. dutchs

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    Of course he did..He also said we are the only country in the WORLD that has access to Ammo to take to a mass killing with us...He is a Pathilogical bad his groupies believe his every word..He can't be gone soon enough. I really shudder when i think of the damage he can continue to do even out of office with his knowledge of the office and no Congress to temper his ways...Let's hope he fades away somehow.....
  3. CallMaker

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    No surprise there. He has always wanted to go after the firearms owners and will continue to make that effort.