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Pro-Self Defense Sheriff Apologizes for"Embarrassing" Police Chief Testimony
By: Katie Pavlich

Ever wonder why police chiefs from big, crime ridden citiesare always chosen to testify before the Senate about gun control while sheriffsare often ignored? Police chiefs are appointed. They simply serve aspoliticians and mouth pieces for their city councils and liberal mayors. Thisis the case in anti-self defense Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington D.C.Milwaukee etc. Sheriffs on the other hand are elected and represent the voicesof the people they serve.

On Monday Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, the sheriffwho sent out a public service announcement encouraging residents to learn howto use a firearm in order to protect themselves, sent a letter to SenatorLindsey Graham apologizing on behalf of his constituents for the"embarrassing" behavior of Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn at arecent subcommittee hearing. Flynn shilled for more gun control just likeBaltimore County Police Chief James Johnson did during a gun violence hearingback in January.
From the letter (emphasis is mine):

I am Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr., the elected sheriff of MilwaukeeCounty, which is the most populous county in the state of Wisconsin andcomprises 19 municipalities, including the City of Milwaukee. l am writing tooffer an apology on behalf of my constituents for the embarrassing behavior ofMilwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn, who testified on February 26, 2013, beforea subcommittee that you sit on.

Please do not see his arrogance as exemplary of the peoplein Milwaukee County. His views on gun control are his and he is entitled tothem, but he has no constituency of his own. He is an appointed bureaucrat. ldo not remember him emphasizing that fact and I want to you to know that hisviewpoint does not represent either my view on gun control nor countless otherlaw-abiding citizens and gun owners in Milwaukee County. Chief Flynn has been amouthpiece for the Mayors Against Guns group that has made no secret of their desireto obliterate the Second Amendment. Chief Flynn should have made his bias clearbefore speaking.
More concerning, however, is the rude behavior Chief Flynndisplayed. I watched in utter disbelief as he talked over and interrupted you,at one point arguing that your questions were “self-answering.” You, Senator,are a distinguished and respected member of the United States Senate, and haverepresented the people of the state of South Carolina in Congress since 1994.

The way you have conducted yourself on Capitol Hillpersonifies statesmanship. Regardless of your political party or politicalviews a very certain amount of dignity and respect comes along with being anelected official in our representative democracy. Chief Flynn showed you noneas he shamefully tried to shout you down and talk over you as you asked veryrelevant questions about street violence in Milwaukee that he did not want toaddress because it would unveil his true motive, which is gun control, not areduction in street violence.
Clarke implied a willingness to testify before Congressabout the issue of gun control in the letter and pointed out the positions ofother sheriffs who hold an opposing view to Flynn.

I have a forceful personality but would not even dream ofcoming up to Capitol Hill to disrespect and shout down a member of Congress whois tasked with asking questions to get answers on behalf of the Americanpeople. My understanding of political protocol and discourse is that if two ormore elected officials want to engage in discourse that stretches theboundaries, that is fine. But an appointed bureaucrat should never for onesecond think that the same understanding applies to him.

After Chief Flynn’s testimony and in an interview with a Milwaukeenewspaper, he accused members of Congress who do not support the eviscerationof the Second Amendment to the Constitution, of crying “crocodile tears,” andsuggested that their support of law enforcement was insincere. Several dayslater I received a phone call from Sheriff James Alton (A1) Cannon, Jr. ofCharleston County, South Carolina. He offered his support for my position regardinglaw-abiding gun owners and wanted me to know that no one in South Carolina hasbeen a more steadfast supporter of the law enforcement community than you, sir.I did not doubt that for one second.

Now the question is, will he get invited?
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