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A unique approach to say the least.

Question of the Day: How Do You Convert an Anti?

By Robert Farago on December 8, 2014
It is often said that a liberal is a conservative who hasn’t been mugged yet. I can certainly attest to that. My road to Damascus moment happened in downtown Providence. I was a teen, doing some Christmas shopping, when a knife-wielding youth demanded my money. I gave it to him. But I’ll never forget the dead look in his eyes. He literally didn’t care whether I lived or died. So here’s the thing: pro-gunners wouldn’t want a liberal to get mugged to come to his or her senses. Or would we? Patriot Protection in Dallas, Texas has challenged antis to come to their training range and go toe-to-toe with a foe. [Press release after the jump.] What are the odds? So, short of that, what? . . .
Texas Firearms Training Facility Challenges Gun Control Advocates to Face a “Bad Guy”
Patriot Protection in Plano Texas has issued a challenge for all gun control advocates to come to their range and actually face a “bad guy.” You often hear gun control advocates say “I don’t believe people should to be able to own guns” or “there is no reason someone needs to have a ______ type of firearm.” However, many, if not most, of these “advocates” have no practical experience with firearms or with situations where they might need a firearm.
“We want all of these people who are speaking without knowledge to come get some!” – Tim Dodd, Owner.
Bad guys do have guns and one look at some of the gun control meccas like Chicago, New York and L.A. makes that abundantly clear. At Patriot Protection, you come face to face with all manner of “bad guys” who may have a knife, a gun or just a really bad attitude in reality-based scenarios. How is this possible you ask? Patriot Protection uses Non-Lethal Training ammunition in their scenario based training, the same type of reality-based live fire training that law enforcement uses. In fact, Patriot Protection trains law enforcement and military personnel, so their training is not based on ******* Rambo fantasies, but on actual real life scenarios that law enforcement deals with on a daily basis.
They utilize Glocks, AR-15s, and Berettas, specially outfitted for the non-lethal ammunition, in their 10,000 sq. ft. indoor facility designed to simulate a house, a parking lot, a restaurant or a bank/store front. Patriot Protection will put you through real life scenarios such as; car-jackings, home invasions, muggings, and even nonviolent encounters that may be uncomfortable, but challenge your reactions. Not every scenario calls for discharging your weapon, being armed does not make every encounter a deadly force encounter and that is a key factor of their training, Good Judgment.
They challenge and welcome gun control advocates to come and experience a deadly force encounter, with or without a firearm. “We really want to give people experience and perspective through our training, only then can they truly have the knowledge to take a stand.” – Amanda Dodd, Owner. “Common Sense” and “Reasonable” regulation of firearms sounds good, and more importantly “feels” good, to many gun control advocates.
By issuing this challenge, Patriot Protection would like to bring reality into the discussion as well. The reality that law enforcement faces, as well as the reality that many Americans face every day, by putting their gun control positions to the test in real life applications. This challenge is meant to educate and advance the debate on guns and is not a confrontational challenge. In fact, the challenge is open to pro-gun advocates as well.
It is one thing to buy a gun and go to the range to shoot paper targets, but what happens when the targets shoot back? Could you really pull the trigger on that Glock with a living human target in your sites? Could you do it with your adrenalin pumping and shots coming back at you? The reality-based training that Patriot Protection provides is just that, reality-based.
The gun debate in America cannot be settled with statistics and scare tactics, reality will always trump good intentions and “feel good” politics. Safety is key at Patriot Protection, everyone passes through a metal detector prior to entering the range. This type of training is brand new to the market, in fact, Patriot Protection is the first company in Texas open to the public that allows this type of ammunition to be used. Whether you are pro-gun or anti-gun, there is much to be learned at Patriot Protection.
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