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Racist comments.

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After posting a link in a thread making jokes about ALL races of people and having it pulled, I had a question pop into my head. How can a thread be considered racist when it makes fun of every race, or combination of races?
I for one am getting tired of this politically correct society we live in. When a person cant laugh at a joke or two made about a race it is a sad day.
As a american indian/american mutt I for one laugh about stupid crap such as people complaining about the names of sports teams like the Redskins. If you are that sensitive that you cant laugh about it I feel you are part of the problem with our country.
Live life and laugh a little I say. Everything and everyone is not racist. Some of us still have a sense of humor when it comes to the little things in life.


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JB, You said it right after a while you will meet alot of folks from alot of different areas of society. My dad was a from the hills of KE, VA, WV, worked alot of jobs in that area moved to WA, Married a white woman ( All scandinavian countries), and called himself a "Hamberger flipped in the air and caught" meaning he had no pedigrees and didn't claim to be any thing but "American". If yo0u look at my profile pic you'll see my wife since 1976 , we met and married in WA. Be yourself and respect everyone untill they show themselves not to deserve it then leave them as alone as circumstances will allow.
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