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Racist comments.

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After posting a link in a thread making jokes about ALL races of people and having it pulled, I had a question pop into my head. How can a thread be considered racist when it makes fun of every race, or combination of races?
I for one am getting tired of this politically correct society we live in. When a person cant laugh at a joke or two made about a race it is a sad day.
As a american indian/american mutt I for one laugh about stupid crap such as people complaining about the names of sports teams like the Redskins. If you are that sensitive that you cant laugh about it I feel you are part of the problem with our country.
Live life and laugh a little I say. Everything and everyone is not racist. Some of us still have a sense of humor when it comes to the little things in life.


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Thanks for the comments everyone. They show me I am not alone in my thinking. That being said, If you do not feel the same as I do about this don't be afraid to make a post saying so [just keep it civil]. I am not trying to start shat , I am just trying to promote conversation on a topic that rarely gets discussed.

As a example of the stupidity that surrounds this subject I thought I would post something I just read.

How can these pics be considered racist? I just dont get it!

Here is a link to the story. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/...-exotic-swimsuit_n_2696162.html?ncid=webmail2

Sports Illustrated Called Racist For Using 'Exotic' People In Swimsuit Issue (PHOTOS)

Damn...looks to me like they are doing the locals a favor. I bet the guys in the pictures aren't bitching.
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