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this is no april fools joke ...

frustrated ....... jammed on me a few times * keep it very lubricated

* that's what she said

..... when I talked the "Alex" behind the counter - I advised him I hope this is just the "Breaking" in period and such , he advised the same with his .

* no LIMP wrist -
* Draw- left and Right

* this pic was on Left Draw

5 RDer - Jam once
7 RDer - Jam once
* Currently have put 300 rounds through

i can still hit COM .. but not like i WANT to....


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Sorry to see that, keep shooting and hopefully you will break it in.
If not, SA has a good customer service department.

Just for example with my Kahr 9MM AND 40 cal it was mandatory to shoot at least 200 rds for break in.
Hopefully the same is true with your S model Springer.

Looks like you had a good time TinMan. Glad you got to shoot a bit. I need to schedule some of that myself.

Keep at it, hopefully it will resolve with some more shooting. If not, 3T has it right, SA has a great service department. When I got my XD9 the magazines would not drop free. Sent it to SA on their dime and had it back *eight* days later all fixed.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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