Rattle Bug # 2 for this year!!!!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Pancho_Villa, Jul 3, 2014.

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    Did someone say that they come in pair? May have been on another forum. Anyway, this one is much the same as the other from a few months back.

    Wife and I had just had a nice dinner and were starting a movie. One of the dogs started with a "stranger/intruder" type bark. So, I had to go look. It was sundown @ 8:30 pm and I had a .32 auto in my pocket already. The black lab was pacing on the patio in front of the car and the other 2 were close by watching him. One cat was under the patio table staring at the wife's plants on the patio.

    As soon as I stepped out, I coud hear the BZZZZZZ. Went out on the patio slowly and could see a cow pie size lump between the plants and dog's water bowl. It was really pizzed at the cat watching it nearby. Backed up to the door and got the Mossy 715T .22. Again. I figured .22s whould splatter better than a bounced back FMJ .32 from my pocket auto.

    I can't see well, so I just cranked out a few rounds at it and it started writhing. It was hurt bad, but still striking in the direction of the cat. Had to chase the cat off to finish it with a shovel. No use wasting any more hard to find .22 ammo than I have to.

    It was 3 patio bricks long before I cut the tail & rattlers off. Bricks are 16" diameter. So it was 4 ft, about 6" shorter than the last one.

    Nice speciment of a western diamondback. No, I don't make belts and stuff out of them. I just kill them when they get too close.



    The real proof. Ain't no milk snake!!!!!

  2. SHOOTER13

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    A fine specimen PV...send me the rattle !!

  3. CallMaker

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    You going to eat it PV???
  4. threetango

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    Good dog, good dog.
  5. Nogoat

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    Impressive, best of all dead
  6. Pancho_Villa

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    I will be keeping the rattle. Don't get many of them now. Not that I want more!!!!!

    I have eaten rattlesnake at the various "roundups" around here. Kinda like chicken breast or quail. But, i don't ness with them myself. My F In Law was the one who skinned them and kept the skins in a freezer. He worked at a pipeline pump station where there were plenty. He never did anything with them, just talked about doing it. Eventually the company he worked for started bringing in the blue Indigo snakes. They are great rattlesnake killers. When there were enough he started catching the small ones and bringing them out here. We had several of the Indigos arond that were over 6 feet. Population must have died off cause I don't see them much anymore. Didn't see many rattlesnakes either, until now.

    The dog got some treats for his effort. And got to his water bowl too.