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Rear sight removal on an XD 45

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Well, before I bring out the sledge hammer, does anyone have any tips for removing the rear sight on an XD45?

I found a tool, made for Springfields, that is marked right on the tool: "Not for removing extremely tight factory rear sights."

Any experience here?


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My XDM 45 shoots a little low and left I tried to tap it over a hair and quit as I was afraid of damaging the weapon. I to could use some advice.
My XDM 45 shoots a little low and left I tried to tap it over a hair and quit as I was afraid of damaging the weapon. I to could use some advice.
The sights are probably okay. It's common to shoot in the 7-8 o'clock area of the target till you get more familiar with the trigger. I had some issues with both my G21, and XDM 4.5 .45. It didn't feel like I was pushing the trigger out sideways at the break, so I mounted a laser up, and dry fired it a few times. The little green dot don't lie, and confirmed that my trigger control needed some work, just as the trigger broke, the light would dip left/low. I just practiced dry firing, concentrating on a straight back pull, and my groups moved up & right after a few weeks. But until I got a better feel for the trigger, I did fudge a bit when shooting with friends, and shifted my point of aim high/right, just to put up a better target in mixed company. Using Kentucky windage to keep my pride intact worked okay till I got my trigger finger trained up.

Anytime I have a serious doubt about wether it's me or the pistol, I just find someone else to put a few rounds through it. Just don't tell them what it's doing before hand, so you can get a good read on how it performs for someone else.
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Seventies Wreckers
I have shot 1500 rounds or so and have realy consentrated on triger pull, however I will try the lazer. Sounds like a good method of training with out blasting through alot of ammo.

My gunsmith dogs a machinist's vice into the tee-slots on his milling machine table. He clamps the pistol-slide into the vise and hand cranks the table to drive the slide and sight against a stationary piece of stock clamped in the tool head. He can easily move the sight (front or rear) a desired number of thousadths or drive it out entirely to replace it.

That's one expensive sight tool but it works if you have a Bridgeport in your garage.
I decided I could send it to AP&W & have them remove the sights & hard chrome the slide & barrel for what a good sight pusher would cost me.
That's the most economical one I've seen!
Thanks for the link.

I just ordered one so when it gets in I will let you all know how it works. I also ordered a green hiViz front sight just to try iy out,hahaha. I hope it works as good as expected. I have turned down many sight replacement jobs on XD's because I did not have the press for it.

Crossing my fingers,

Got my vice in today. The thing is built like a brick sh*t house. Remember that the directions on the site say to soak your site in a penitraiting oil for 24 hrs. behor trying.
Wow, that is sure cheaper than the one I bought, by a 100 bucks.
Got my vice in today. The thing is built like a brick sh*t house. Remember that the directions on the site say to soak your site in a penitraiting oil for 24 hrs. behor trying.
Have you tried it? Since the original sights are staked, I'm not sure what effect soaking it is going to have on them but, what the heck, if it works.

Let us know how it works!
I still took the thing to a buddy of mine who is a gun smith. He origanaly tryed to change the sights out with a standerd pusher system and the brass pusher exploded well it was in the process. I should be picking it up today or tomarrow and I will post the results. He said he would try without soaking them first then if that didn't work he would try the soak. I'll let you know.
My removal tool arrived yesterday, I will say that was fast shipping.

Last night I played with the attachments to familiarize myself with the rig. I was not impressed with the fit of them when it came to my XDm. It did fit better on my XD though.

I was not impressed with the bolt used on the ram. A coarse thread was used, where I feel a fine threaded bolt should have ben used for better control of movement of the pusher/ram.

I was also not impressed with the amount of fiddling around with the slide "shimming" that is required. One must "shim" it to get proper slide/sight placement so that the sight lines up with the sight pusher on the tool. Since this is custom made tool to fit XD's I feel the shimming shit should not be needed, it should be a perfect fit. I also feel the finger of the sight pusher that contacts the sight is far to small.

So next I soaked the front sight over night and just went up and tried to remove it, No Go. It still wont budge. In fact I fear that I will damage either the slide or the tool because the slide tries to rotate in the tool when I start moving the pusher. I feal that if I tighten the clamp holding the slide any harder I will deform the slide.

All in all I would rate this tool a 5, or less, out of 10. Fit, finish and performance are all lacking in my opinion.

In the end I fear I will end up breaking out Mr Dremmel and cutting the sight out then replacing it the old fashion way.

This tool might end up working on other firearms though. That is after I make a few arbors to accommodate different slide shapes and or round barrels.

If I end up actually being able to get this tool to work I will be sure and make a post saying so.

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Just a little update. The front sight on my XDm40 has ben replaced!! WOooHOoooo! However it was not replaced using the sight pusher. I did it the old fashion way. Put the slide in the freezer for about 5 hours, used a large steel ground flat on one side punch, my pin block I made out of a hockey puck and a BFH.

Here's the pitch and the swing, SMACK right on the money, its going, going, its outathere. Hahahahaha

I joined the forum today to pass along some tips. I changed the rear sight on my XDs .45. I first looked on this site and others to get some wise wisdom. My pistol is new last year and may be different from earlier or different XD models. Mine has 2 tiny set screws (.035 allen) that lock down the sight. After removal there was an obvious residue of threadlock. After a few solid whacks with a good punch and hammer on a pin block I realized it was not happening. Back to the internet for ideas I found the video attached below with a novel approach. This guy used an air chisel with a small punch bit. It seemed like an excessively brutal tool for gunsmithing but it proved out just fine. With appropriate protection and the slide in a vise it took less than a second to push the sight out of the dovetail with no damage to the slide or sight.

It felt like slicing vegetables with an axe but I'll never use anything else for stubborn sights.

Good video
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Welcome Dougaa and thanks for the tip.
Hi Dougaa. Welcome to the forum. Thanks for the heads up on the sight removal.
Welcome to the forum good Intel on the xds -Thanks
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