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I joined the forum today to pass along some tips. I changed the rear sight on my XDs .45. I first looked on this site and others to get some wise wisdom. My pistol is new last year and may be different from earlier or different XD models. Mine has 2 tiny set screws (.035 allen) that lock down the sight. After removal there was an obvious residue of threadlock. After a few solid whacks with a good punch and hammer on a pin block I realized it was not happening. Back to the internet for ideas I found the video attached below with a novel approach. This guy used an air chisel with a small punch bit. It seemed like an excessively brutal tool for gunsmithing but it proved out just fine. With appropriate protection and the slide in a vise it took less than a second to push the sight out of the dovetail with no damage to the slide or sight.

It felt like slicing vegetables with an axe but I'll never use anything else for stubborn sights.

Good video
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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