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My XDM 45 shoots a little low and left I tried to tap it over a hair and quit as I was afraid of damaging the weapon. I to could use some advice.
The sights are probably okay. It's common to shoot in the 7-8 o'clock area of the target till you get more familiar with the trigger. I had some issues with both my G21, and XDM 4.5 .45. It didn't feel like I was pushing the trigger out sideways at the break, so I mounted a laser up, and dry fired it a few times. The little green dot don't lie, and confirmed that my trigger control needed some work, just as the trigger broke, the light would dip left/low. I just practiced dry firing, concentrating on a straight back pull, and my groups moved up & right after a few weeks. But until I got a better feel for the trigger, I did fudge a bit when shooting with friends, and shifted my point of aim high/right, just to put up a better target in mixed company. Using Kentucky windage to keep my pride intact worked okay till I got my trigger finger trained up.

Anytime I have a serious doubt about wether it's me or the pistol, I just find someone else to put a few rounds through it. Just don't tell them what it's doing before hand, so you can get a good read on how it performs for someone else.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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