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Reloading info

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Hello Im new to this site..I have a XD 40 cal..I recently purchased some 165 gr Rainier HP bullets and Im inquiring on what is the best powder and load ratio to use...Any Ideas would be appreciated
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yu may want to post under the reloading section, i personally dont use 40's so i dont know
Welcome to the XD Firearms Forum Kev !!

...I moved your thread to the " Ammo & Reloading" subforum for better visibility.

Please stop by our "Introductions" subforum and tell us a little about yourself...
I know that it has been some time since you post, but I have the best results with 231 (when I can find it anymore) CCI small pistol primers or CCI large pistol primers seem to work great for me. I used a lighten up crimp and load to Min OAL, which is risky if you overload or seat too deep. But I like those loads. I use the cheap brands of bullets, E-treme or Ranier.
As always...everyone should work up a load according to what is shown in reloading books, and NOT take internet musings as gospel.

That is all...

Carry on.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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