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SA XD40 Tactical

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I traded up a XD40 Tactical at my local shop yesterday, I have the XD9 and it shoots very good. I do like the longer sight radius on the 40, any of you all care to share some comments on the XD40 Tactical? Thanks,

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My first impressions of shooting the XD40 Tac is very good. I had a little time to shoot three mags this afternoon and I am very pleased. At 7-8 yards it will shoot a ragged hole, I shot some 180gr Federals and some 155gr cast handloads. I really like the five inch barrel, and believe me that extra inch does make a difference!
Well I pulled a bone head one last night. I took the Tac down to give it a good cleaning, and lost the striker spring, but I talked to Kate this morning in CS and a new spring is on the way no charge. Now that to me is good customer service even if it was my fault. WTG Springfield!!!
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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