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Safest Place in America

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The annual NRA meeting. ;)

The first time you attend an NRA Annual Meeting, you might be slightly surprised at the apparent lack of security. No bag checks. No porno body scanners. And depending on local regulations, no restrictions on concealed or open carry of firearms. You see, security is built in and handled by the attendees themselves. You’ll see plenty of VIPs wandering around without the normal entourages and armed security details. Yep, you might actually be carrying your gun, standing on the escalator next to a Senator, Governor, or other current or past dignitary—like the Nuge. It’s no big deal, just law-abiding citizens acting all law-abiding and everything.
On the other hand, there will be another Everytown and/or Moms Demand protest down the road. The dozen or so paid protesters will be, yet again, protected by armed security guards.
I predict over 75,000 attendees to the NRA Annual Meeting, many of whom will be armed, and no crime problems. I also predict that the gun control protest will draw more than a baker’s dozen of real attendees—barely. Observing both of these events is an enlightening experience to say the least
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Being an NRA Life Member...I've attended most of the Annual Meetings held in Pennsylvania...

1998 ~ Philadelphia ~ 127th Annual Meeting ~ shook hands with Charlton Heston ( NRA 1st Vice President ) / Wayne LaPierre ( NRA CEO )
2004 ~ Pittsburgh ~ 133rd Annual Meeting ~ shook hands with Dick Cheney ( VP of the USA ) / Chris Cox ( NRA / ILA )
2011 ~ Pittsburgh ~ 140th Annual Meeting ~ shook hands with Larry Potterfield ( CEO MidwayUSA )
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