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Scratches on the slide...hmmm?

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So, I only have had the xds 45 for a few weeks now and already it is showing some brass colored scratches near the muzzle on the right side???

Im pissed!! I can only think of one thing....the holster. It makes sense, the holster comes in contact with the right side as I holster it, dragging the side where the scratches are!! Ugghh!! I cant stand messing up something new and expensive right away!

Ok, Im calm now.

Anyway, I called Springfield Armory and was assured that the scratches should come off with a bit of oil or solvent.

I realized that what was happening was not the holster but the brass rivets on my jeans were scratching my gun!!
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If it doesn't have scratches you're not shooting it enough. :camo:
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