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Very interesting piece. Not sure I agree with some of the info... but if I agree 100% with ANYthing, I start to get nervous. ;O)

I've tried more brands of defensive ammo than I can count probably, but the REM Golden Sabre JHP are what I usually carry. They feed really well & I've never had a FTF or FTE issue even once. One of the reasons that I used to finally decide, is that this is what most of the law enforcement officers/agencies here locally carry. God forbid I'm ever having to defend myself legally if the worst case scenario happens to myself or my family & I have no choice but to react. 'Hopefully' taking away the legal trick of "when you chose what ammo to carry for your so-called 'self defense', why did you decide on such a super deadly hollowpoint sort of ammunition?"... being that it's what most officers here depend on everyday.

The research & legal scrutiny that these agencies have had to go thru is incredible. Much more than 'I' could afford to do anyway.

Interesting article done with some good preparation and forethought.

"One shot" stats are interesting from the standpoint of statistics. However the soundest concept is to shoot until the threat is neutralized..... In the head rush of lethal confrontation more is always better and safer.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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