Shop @ Amazon & contribute to SAF

Discussion in 'Second Amendment & Legal' started by XDs45IWB, Dec 29, 2012.

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    The Second Admendment Foundation has a link on there home page that states "Help fund SAF by shopping at"

    I like the idea for two reasons: 1) I will vote with my wallet and do business with any 2A supporter, 2) We gun owners need to do all we can to fund & battle for our constitutional rights, and this is damn near a freebie.

    I'm do not know the details of how it works, but I do have an email into the SAF asking for more details. I am a huge fan of Amazon, and this will only reinforce my loyalty. In addition, if this pans out to be a legit thing, we should as a community let Amazon know of our approval.

    If you agree & like, help spread the word.