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This thread is dedicated to all the excellent firearms created by SIG Sauer...please post a picture and share your views on this excellent platform.


Here's a pic of my favorite 9mm...a SIG SAUER P226...made in West Germany in 1988, which I bought used for $400 off a friend whose brother ( deceased ) had carried it alot and shot it little. I just swapped out the original recoil and firing pin springs with a Wollf 15lb (factory standard) package.

The P226 was designed for entry into the XM9 Service Pistol Trials (Joint Service Small Arms Program), which were held by the US Army in 1984 on behalf of the US Armed Forces to find a replacement for the M1911A1. Only the Beretta 92F and the SIG P226 satisfactorily completed the trials. According to a GAO report, Beretta was awarded the M9 contract for the 92F due to better durability during endurance testing and a lower total package price. The P226 cost less per pistol than the 92F, but SIG's package price with magazines and spare parts was higher than Beretta's. The Navy SEALs, however, chose to adopt the P226 later.
1 - 8 of 31 Posts
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