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One of the most innovative suppressor makers in the country, Utah-based Silencerco, is promising a new series of drop-in barrels in 2015 for the Springfield XD series.

With some 500,000 NFA-registered legal Title II suppressors (also known incorrectly as silencers) in the country, with almost half of those produced in the past decade alone, more and more people are investing $200 in tax stamp to buy a "can."

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Silencerco Osprey in .45ACP. Coming to an XD near you?

The thing is, you have to have a threaded barrel that extends past the slide of your semi-automatic pistol to screw the muffler on to. Since many pistol makers (Glock, Springfield etc.) do not make their guns suppressor-ready from the factory, Silencerco has pulled trigger on making their own line of aftermarket threaded-barrels for these popular guns.

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Silencerco's new threaded barrels in their nitrated stainless beauty.

After all, with legendary centerfire pistol caliber cans like the Octane and Osprey in their stable, why not make some barrels to go with them?

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(Photo Silencerco)

Introduced first for the Glock 17 (1/2X28 TPI 9mm) and Glock 21 (.578X 28TPI .45ACP) these are made of black nitride coated 416R stainless steel and are drop-in ready with a MSRP of $220. While they are introduced in Glocks for now (close your eyes and imagine a 3.8 in the above picture), Silencerco promises XD versions by early next year.


The competition

Threaded barrels are not entirely new to the world of XD's. In fact, Silencerco is facing an uphill battle for the market it would seem.

XD Forum sponsor Pistol Gear makes threaded aftermarket barrels in 9mm, .40S&W, and .45ACP for a number of regular XD and XD(M) models for under $200.

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(Old school XD9 with an EFK barrel and SWR9 can)

EFK produces their excellent Fire Dragon series barrels for around $230 that are all 416 stainless and come in the option of either 9/16x24RH, 1/2X28RH, or 13.5x1mmLH (which is hard to find). For an extra $50 they will apply a black coat to these otherwise very bright barrels.

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(Storm Lake barrel compared to factory)

Then of course there is Storm Lake who offer for about the same prices as EFK their match grade steel barrels hardened to 40-42 HRC in a variety of threaded flavors as witnessed from this chart below (to include .578x28!) :

View attachment 1865

Bar-sto, long a king in aftermarket precision and match/target barrels, likewise sells a number of threaded options for the XD and, being that they are the king, they run a bit over $300 a pop, but hey, you have to pay to play.

What makes the Silencerco options stand out is that they are already nitrated for $220, which is a couple boxes of ammo less than most of the above for the same concept.

We can't wait to get our hands on one.
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