Some time with the XDs

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by CallMaker, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. CallMaker

    CallMaker Guest

    Made it to the woods today to shoot a few handguns.

    Only my 2nd time out with the XDs. I am liking this pistol more each day. A dream to carry and shoots far beyond my expectations. Well thought out design and execution.

    Fired 3 magazines. Singles from 7 yards. From the waiting around. Was pretty pleased with the results.

  2. RibEye

    RibEye Steak Medium Rare

    ..... excellent ....

    i have a chance to acquire a bi tone .... but I want to live to see my Son grow up =)

    can i borrow $$ from someone? or laundry it?


  3. wmruss

    wmruss New Member

    Im soooooooooooo waiting for the XDs 9mm to hit the local gun shops,,I WILL BE BUYING ONE,,my kids are grown,,and BTW is easier to ask FORGIVENESS than PERMISSION :D:rolleyes:
  4. CallMaker

    CallMaker Guest

    Thanks evilspringer. A few more sessions of singles and I'll transition to doubles....that's when I shoot patterns rather than groups:eek:

    I sure like this XDs, nice to have a pistol this small that has some horsepower.....
  5. evilspringer

    evilspringer New Member

    I enjoy my XDS also. More accurate than I am.
    I think it is a great carry package.