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I am looking to get my first 1911...any suggestions...springfield or not
There are a lot of good 1911's to choose from and the all are fairly similar.
It's really what you personally like.

My favorite is my Springfield PX1909LP Loaded w/ Wilson combat mag..


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I typically steer people toward Springfield for a first 1911. Great selection of models with a wide range of price points, something for everyone. Add the reputation for good customer service, and you have a solid contender in the 1911 marketplace. I have a Trophy Match that's been excellent.
Of course Colt is always worth checking as well. They've been at the 1911 game for over a century, they seem to have it figured out.
On the higher end of the price spectrum, Dan Wesson is excellent. Ramped barrels, premium parts, understated styling, you can't go wrong. I have 2.

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I own quite a few 1911's...and as my colleague 3T has pointed out...it is a personal choice based on many factors:

Intended Use

Having said that...the field of 1911's available is varied, with just about every major and some minor manufacturers filling every niche out there...

Some of my personal preferences:

Colt Gold Cup National Match (Competition)
Para Ordnance P12-45 (CCW)
Auto Ordnance PKZSE (WWII clone)

A few on my wish list:

Remington R1

Ithaca 1911a1
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