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Springfield Armory is currently running a special until Aug. 31 that gives every XD-S buyer a whole bunch of swag that includes mags of all flavors and a pouch.

Background on the XDS

With the "S" in the series denoting a single stack magazine, these guns took the improvements that came about with the M-series XD over the original HS2000 pattern gun and shrunk everything down. Using a 3.3-inch or 4-inch barrel coupled with a frame that is slimmed significantly by the use of a single stack rather than double stack mag, you have a handy little .45 that is only an inch thick.

This gives you a subcompact gun that is about the same relative "palm-size" as a snub-nosed .38 special or a Glock 36 subcompact (and in some cases even thinner, sorry Glock) that is capable of firing that grand old gentleman that is the .45ACP.

These guns typically ship with a flush-fit and an extended grip magazine with a Mid-Mag X-Tension that holds an extra round. But the beautiful thing is, for the next several weeks there is a bonus magazine package available on sales of the XDS.

Enter Single Stack Summer

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Running from June 1- Aug. 31 this year, Springfield is running a promo that includes a flush mag, a mid-mag, and an extended mag along with a double mag pouch free to every buyer of a new XDS bought during that time.

The MSRP value of the offer makes it a $150 bonus. As the XDS comes in either .45ACP or 9mm, this amounts to one of two packages:

-.45 ACP 5rd Flush mag
-.45 ACP 6rd Mid-Mag w/ #1 & #2 X-tension
-.45 ACP 7rd Extended mag w/ #1 & #2 X-tension


-9mm 7rd Flush mag
-9mm 8rd Mid-Mag w/ #1 & #2 X-tensions
-9mm 9rd Extended mag w/ #1 & #2 X-tensions


SA states that all submissions need to be in by the end of September and the new XDS has to be purchased between the June-August window. For full terms, click here.

In the end, with a quick check showing new XDS's running about $400, picking up and extra three mags for free for a total of five sounds like a sure bet.

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