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Springfield Issues XDS Recall

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Springfield Armory has issued an immediate recall for selected XD(S) model pistols. If you have one of these please stop using it, unload it safely, and follow the directions on the company's website.

From Springfield http://www.springfieldrecall.com/ :

"Springfield Armory is initiating this voluntary safety recall to upgrade 3.3 XD-S 9mm and 3.3 XD-S .45ACP pistols with new components, which eliminate the possibility of a potentially dangerous condition. We want to emphasize that no injuries have been reported to date.

Springfield has determined that under exceptionally rare circumstances, some 3.3 XD-S 9mm and .45ACP caliber pistols could experience an unintended discharge during the loading process when the slide is released, or could experience a double-fire when the trigger is pulled once. The chance of these conditions existing is exceptionally rare, but if they happen, serious injury or death could occur.

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To begin the upgrade process and for fastest response, click on the Get Started link at the top of the page. On that page enter your serial number and click Next. If your pistol is subject to this recall, you will need to provide your name, address, phone number, and email address. The serial number is located on the frame beneath the dust cover (accessory rail). If you prefer, you may initiate the upgrade process by calling 800-680-6866. If you no longer own the 3.3 XD-S 9mm or .45ACP pistol, please advise Springfield of the current owner.

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This Safety Recall does not apply to any XD or XD(M) pistols.

What will Springfield do?

Springfield will send you a return authorization and mailing label, allowing you to return your 3.3 XD-S 9mm or .45ACP pistol to Springfield at no cost to you. Springfield will upgrade your 3.3 XD-S 9mm or .45ACP pistol with the new components, and return it to you. Springfield will provide tracking numbers so you can monitor the receipt and return of your upgrades.


Visit www.springfield-armory.com for further information about this safety recall. You can reach the Springfield Armory Call Center at 800-680-6866. Springfield apologizes for this inconvenience, but your safety is our paramount concern.

We greatly appreciate your loyalty to Springfield products."

Springfield is reporting no injuries as of yet, so with the gang here at XD Forum spreading the word, hopefully we can keep it that way.

With that in mind, even if you don't currently tote an XDS, pass this along for those who may.

Be safe out there.
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