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All of us who have read the respective manuals of arms know that the manuals for the XD/XD Mod2, the XD(M), and the XDs all include the following statement,

"NOTE: Extensively dry firing can accelerate component wear/stress. Use snap caps if dry firing on a regular basis."

Most of us probably also know that dry-fire practice can be an extremely helpful part of our firearm training.

I have heard different opinions about what constitutes "excessively" and "regular basis." Consequently, I decided to ask Springfield directly.

I just spoke with a rep. at Springfield Customer Service (800-680-6866). She said, "It is completely safe to do the dry-fire that is necessary for field stripping; a little dry-fire is not going to hurt it, but guns in the XD line should not be dry-fired excessively because damage to the striker assembly can result."

There was that word again, "excessive."

In an effort to pin down the meaning of "excessive," I said, "So, if I am going to do a few hundred dry-fires with my XDs or Mod 2, then I should use snap caps?"

She said, "Yes."

I hope this is helpful information.
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