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I finally got to the range today with my new Ruger SR1911. I tried the following loads for function: (all were my reloads)

50 230 grain fmj. No problems, as one would expect.
50 185 grain Hornady XTPs. No problems.
50 200 grain Hornady XTPs. No problems.
100 200grain LSWC (Penn). No problems.:)

I used the 2 Ruger mags as well as 2 Kimber and 2 Wilson Combat in no particular order. All fed perfectly.
I shot both fast and slow to check function. I shot some strong hand and some weak hand.

Once I got to the hollow points I started checking how well I was shooting on target at 10 yards as well as for function. I think it shoots about as well as my Kimber, which cost quite a bit more. The trigger is good but not as smooth as my Kimber. It may wear in with more rounds. It did not bother my accuracy.

Once I was done with the jacketed bullets I loaded up with the lead swc. I expected if I was going to have any problems this is where it would occur.
I was pleased to find out that this thing eats 'em just fine.
These loads shoot really well out of my Kimber and I was happy to find out they work great in the Ruger too. I could shoot the center right out of my targets with ease.

I would have stayed longer and shot more of the lead bullets but some guys in the lane next to me had rented a 460 S&W at the counter and after a few of those blasts I figured it was not condusive to good shooting. I wear ear plugs and muffs when I shoot indoors but the blast from that thing actually shook me. They were laughing and having a ball. Good for them... I would have liked to shoot that beast too!:D

I took the gun home and cleaned it and was pleasantly surprised to find no leading at all in the barrel. My Kimber shoots those SWC just great but I always have a little leading to clean out.

This is pretty long but I will conclude by saying I'm very happy with this new gun. It was worth the wait.:)

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Yep that 460 is a blaster isn't it.
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