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Steel or Polymer Mags

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I might have 5 steel mags but a load of P Mags.
How about you ?

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Well, just me but i prefer the metal. I have 12 metal and 7 pro mags, maybe not as good as P mags????

The metals mags leave bolt back after last round discharged, for some reason its hit and miss on the plastic. Have looked into it enough yet to see why. After last use i did numver them on the bottom so next use i can see if its just one or two or all.

Little heavy but im going metal.
I was talking for my AR. Like i said, got to look into more on polymer mags, why won't keep bolt open after last ejecting out.

XD are all xd brand stainless.

Othet pistols are metal.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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