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STI Shadow .45

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I have held her - I like - made in TEXAS - I like

Price Tag - I do not like


- Now i have Colt New Agent .45 -

i have been e baying and saving my penny's ...
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it is man - but ouch on the sticker price -
So...let's see the Colt New Agent !!
Copy - i like the TRENCH site -

I added Pierce Finger Groove Hogue Grips - due to being a Southpaw my wedding ring was starting to put wear on the handle

the STI - Shadow is nice - but I have the New Agent

do i need the STI ????:D


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SO ... WENT to pick up the STI that has been sitting there for MONTHS .....walked in - sold

saddness 25 weeks i wait - but added and AMBI safety - might as well as she is getting built

maybe i should get an RO compact to hold me over ???:D
believe it or not .... 300 + rounds no issues wooot
so I went to Kroger … I can't even tell she is on me

* that's what she Said
* Condition 1
*Emerson Etak B
* Kershaw utility backup
*.45 acp and backup mag


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1 - 9 of 11 Posts
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