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Suppressing your XD

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In the past ten years, the number of suppressors, commonly but incorrectly termed silencers, has doubled to nearly 600,000 legal "cans" registered with the feds. With that in mind, let's see just what you have to do to get one on the end of your Springfield Armory XD.

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Is it legal?

Introduced in the 1900s these devices were sold for peanuts back then to allow shooters to practice without waking the neighbors on a Saturday morning. Then in 1934, they were, largely without reason, lumped in with machineguns and sawn-off rifles and shotguns under the National Firearms Act (NFA), which regulated these seemingly innocent devices as Title II firearms. In most European countries, it's perfectly legal to buy and sell suppressors over the counter and they can't figure out what are hang up is with them over here.

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Most states (39 out of 50) allow Title II devices but some few do not. If yours is a lucky one, let's see what you have to do next.

Jumping through the hoops

To get a suppressor you have to go through the NFA process, which involves filling out your ATF Form 4, adding pictures and fingerprints, getting a signature from your local chief of police or sheriff (CLEO) and sending it all in with a check for $200.

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If you use a gun trust (which start at about $79) instead of trying to get one as an individual, you can skip the CLEO requirement. The fastest way of submitting it is with your dealer uploading an eForm, for which current turnaround time is about four months. Paper forms mailed in the old-fashioned way get your tax stamp back to you in about twice that time.

Your local Class 3 FFL dealer can help you through the process.

Great simplified video from Silencerco, done in a 1950s theme, but with accurate info.

Selecting your can

These devices can run from $300-$1000 and run a gamut of everything in between. Here are some of the more popular options.

-AAC: This company's Tirant series comes in 9mm and 40/45 options, covering most XD offerings.

-Liberty Suppressors: Offers three different handgun series for 9mm, .40SW, and .45 dubbed the Mystic, Patriot, and Miranda

Springfield XD in 9mm with Liberty Mystic Suppressor High Speed Camera Slow Motion

-SureFire: Long just a maker of 5.56mm cans for the military, they have recently introduced their SF Ryder series of screw on cans for 9mm pistols with 1/2-28 or M13.5X1muzzle threads.

-Gemtech: They offer nearly a half dozen centerfire pistol suppressors to include the GM9 and 45, the Multimount (which can swap between 1/2-28, 1/2-32, 1/2-36, 1/2-24, LID 1/2-28, M13.5 x 1-LH, and 3-LUG attachments) and Tundra series.

Springfield XDM Suppressed Vs Unsuppressed 9mm Gemtech multimount

-Silencerco: This company, one of the heavy hitters in the can biz, offers their well-received slab-sided Osprey series in 9, 40 and 45 while their rounded Octane cans are multi-caliber.

Silencerco Osprey 45 fired on Springfield XD 45

-Yankee Hill (YHM): Offers their extremely well-made Sidewinder series in no less than three calibers.

YHM M2 Suppressor XD.45

Thread it up

Most suppressor bodies screw on to the end of a muzzle. The thing is, you have to have a threaded barrel that extends past the slide of your semi-automatic pistol to screw the muffler on to. Since many pistol makers (Glock, Springfield etc.) do not make their guns suppressor-ready from the factory, this means you have to get aftermarket threaded-barrels for these popular guns.

Threaded barrels are not entirely new to the world of XD's. XD Forum sponsor Pistol Gear makes threaded aftermarket barrels in 9mm, 40S&W and 45ACP for a number of regular XD and XD(M) models for under $200.

EFK produces their excellent Fire Dragon series barrels for around $230 that are all 416 stainless and come in the option of either 9/16x24RH, 1/2X28RH, or 13.5x1mmLH (which is hard to find). For an extra $50 they will apply a black coat to these otherwise very bright barrels.

Then of course there is Storm Lake who offer for about the same prices as EFK their match grade steel barrels hardened to 40-42 HRC in a variety of threaded flavors to include .578x28!

Bar-sto, long a king in aftermarket precision and match/target barrels, likewise sells a number of threaded options for the XD and, being that they are the king, they run a bit over $300 a pop, but hey, you have to pay to play.

In the end, if you are into a little quieter experience, suppressing your XD is definitely on the table
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