Teachers and Guns

Discussion in 'Second Amendment & Legal' started by threetango, Jan 27, 2013.

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    We have some schools in our State that allow firearms. LEO is just too far away to get there in time if something bad happens. No issues from it.

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    The whole county of Butler, Pennsylvania has hired retired State Police to guard every school...some 40+ according to the news.

    Good for them...makes sense !!
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    i say , why not???
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    Im all for teachers being armed !! The ones that are qualified and want to should be able to. I know here in Ohio Buckeye firearms was giving discounts to teachers.

    My 14yr old daughter's class was just asked last week by one of her teachers what they would think of having armed teachers more specifically HIM being armed. She was in shock when she realized more then half the students did NOT want him or any teachers armed, some did not care but she was one of the few who wanted it. She was very surprised at the BAD attitude/stigma guns got by classmates and voiced her opinion. :) Guess the teacher set aside a whole class yesterday to have a debate.

    She explained everything from the extensive background check to the classes you must take. Even had to go as far as to explain how guns do NOT " just go off "..... so proud of her lol