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The Alaskan

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A new addition to the personal Armory.. :D

Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan 44 mag.

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oh my GAW -........ I saw the same fire arm when I picked up the GOVERNOR - an early fathers day gift for my father in law -


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Those Governors are a powerful handgun also.:machinegun

trade? :spot:


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Nice one TinMan. My LGS has a couple of those and the Taurus as well. The owner's a good buddy. Almost always handle them every time I float through there.

Not to change the subject (or hijack the thread), he's got a Para hammer-less .45 doublestack I can't help but pick up EVERY TIME I stop through. I'm on the slight side with small hand. That's the only reason I haven't walked out with it... yet...

I lure my buddies -- bring your firearm over Ill clean it

.... and put it in my safe heheheheeeeeee:shocked:
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Sorry Tinman, they sold the Para this past Saturday...

darn .. i know nothing about them .. but they do look sweet
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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