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Personally not a fan of open carry.
Prefer for no one too know.

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It's counterproductive to our cause as legal gun owners to flagrantly push our open carry ideals on a public that barely understands their own 2nd amendment rights...but at the same time it's our duty to push back on any regulation of our legal rights under said amendment.

In Pennsylvania...open carry is allowed in every corner of the state with the exception of Philadelphia...which will usually get you stopped and questioned by a unconstitutional law established by Philadelphia Mayor Nutter and enforced by his goon squad.

I for one don't agree with this regulation... but I'm also unwilling to be harrassed, unlawfully searched, and even jailed by this infringement of the Pennsylvanian as well as the United States Constitution...which would only cause me to lose my LTCF ( license to carry firearm ), a freedom I deem necessary to survive in todays world...the God given right to self protection !!

I can wait and pick my battles...that day will come !!

Till then...I'll just make sure it's concealed in Philly.

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My state (NC) is an Open Carry state by Common Law. You will find surprisingly few who do. The vast majority of people do not understand our open carry laws and it tends to make a lot of people nervous. My intention is not to make people uncomfortable. My intention is to be able to defend myself should the need arise...again.

So I carry concealed and have done so since '88.

I also carry concealed because I like a good surprise.

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