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Discussion in 'XD Forum' started by threetango, Jun 16, 2013.

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    I can't get that to load 3T. I'll try later, looks like it might be interesting.

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    Finally got it to load 3T.

    As far as the XDs 9mm I have to agree with him. I really fail to understand a 9mm the size of a .45. It's pointless, rather like taking a shower with a rain coat on. If I want a concealed body carry 9mm I want a "small" 9mm the match the cartridge.

    However I do realize that there are a great many people who think the XDs 9mm is the cat's meow and more power to them. That's the great thing about this country, everyone gets to pay their money and make their choice.
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    Hey CallMaker, I hear what you're saying, however I'm in favor of the XDs9 and I'm looking forward to trying one out (and probably getting one).

    I'm quite comfortable with, and would prefer to CC a single-stack 9mm over a .45. For a long time I had a Kahr PM9. Great gun! Absolutely NO complaints, however I could never really get used to the long trigger pull. I know that in a real "life or death" situation that's the last thing that'll matter. Working out with it at the range however, that still bugged me. Funny though, I also own a Kahr P380 and absolutely love it. I've never had a single issue with it. I'd trust my life on it. As I write this I realize that's the reason I gave it to my wife to carry. I once had a Ruger LCP that I liked very much. One of my kids has it now, but I'm thinking to take another look at one before I just decide to just get another Kahr.

    My LGS owner is also a personal friend, so I've been afforded the opportunity to try out quite a few hand guns. The Kimber Solo (IMO) isn't worth mentioning, and I'm not a Glock fan, (AWESOME GUN, just not a fan). For me personally, the Springfield double-action firearm is the overall best fit for carry puposes. That makes the XDs9 a somewhat obvious consideration (and most likely eventual choice). Definitely not just a "cat's meow"...
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    Wow---SA--XD...what else needs to be said,,,what an amazing weapon. I have owned several handguns,,,from .22 Beretta plinkers to Ruger GP 100 to my XD---es. Ive never felt more comfortable then when my XD9 Sub Compact is by my side. This is one amazing weapon,,shoots amazing,,NEVER ONCE HAD A JAM UP,,,even after some 5000 plus rounds. I WILL own the XDs 9,,,, and I know it will be another great addition to my handguns I currently own. I am now and will ALWAYS and forever be a Springfield fan,,,