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By: John Barges

Hunters have been quietly donating tons of meat toorganizations that feed the hungry for an unspoken number of years. Groups likeHunters Harvest and Hunters for Hungry have been gathering meat donations fromhunters via local processing plants. Inone year 2011-2012, 99 meat processors working with Hunters for Hungry provided152,962 pounds of meat to agencies that feed the hungry. Groups like these aresupplied large volumes of game meat from hunting members of organizations likethe Safari Club International. A memberof the Houston Safari Club reported that hunters in an effort to manage gamepopulations need to cull the herds to insure the health of the animals. Thiscreates harvesting in excess of what the hunters can eat. This led to the donating of meat by the tonsto the hungry as in homeless shelters for example.

The front page of the Houston Chronicle dated February 6,2013 ran a headline, “Harris County has plan to bring home the bacon.” Theferal hog population in Texas is out of control and in an effort to reduce thepopulation they plan to capture and process hogs to feed the homeless. In Texastons of pork is donated to homeless shelters and organizations that feed thehungry. With the wild hog population exploding here, the hogs have become a bigproblem in terms of property and land damage. As explained by one Texas hunterhigh capacity magazines or even fully automatic machine guns allow the killingof multiple hogs in a group as opposed to only one or possibly two.

What is not being mentioned in the Main Stream Media is thathunters, many of whom use semi automatic rifles with high capacity magazines,provide more food for the homeless than any other group of people. People inthe United States living with food insecurity is growing and can be seen hereat a; USDA site on Economic Research Service. America currently has a 15%poverty level which equates to 46.2 million Americans living in poverty. Since2006 the poverty level rose from 12.3% to its current 15%.
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