The Truth About Assault Weapons

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    Yes I do. Here's why...

    The AR-15 as we know it today was derived from the original

    AR-10, a 7.62x51mm "battle rifle" as created By Eugene Stoner of ArmaLite,

    a division of the Fairchild Aircraft Corporation in 1954-55. By 1957, the basic AR-10 design

    was rescaled and substantially modified by ArmaLite to accommodate the .223 Remington cartridge,

    and given the designation AR-15. Further developed by Colt, who bought the rights in 1959, the

    AR-15 would eventually become the M-16, the design that would be first purchased by General LeMay

    and the Air Force in 1961. Around this same time, Stoner left ArmaLite and signed on with Colt as a consultant.

    The M-16 is a full auto "battle rifle", later scaled down to a 3 burst mode of fire. The AR-15 is a semi-auto

    "modern sporting rifle" sold to the civilian population first as a varmint/plinker and it has now has finally caught

    the attention of the big sporting rifle manufacturers like Remington, Mossberg, well as SIG Sauer,

    Smith & Wesson, and Olympic Arms. The list of other "builder" companies...well, it's very extensive. Some states

    are already allowing the AR-15 in major calibers like .308 to take game. The AR-15 is now chambered in just about

    any caliber you can think of...from .22 long rifle to .50 Beowulf...making it America's gun of choice for sporting and self defense.

    It is a modern sporting rifle !

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